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최초의 Line Array 시스템을 개발하였으며

우수한 제품 성능으로 국내 뿐만 아니라 전 세계적으로 많이 사용되는 프랑스 스피커 브랜드입니다.


Low-end extension
for Syva


- Two 12″ drivers

- Audio and physical link to Syva via AutoConnect

- 40 Hz LF limit, high power handling, low distortion
 and thermal compression

- Progressive vent for increased peak SPL, and minimal   turbulence noise

- Streamlined design

- Plug-and-play package

- Grey brown, pure white + architectural RAL program


SYVA SUB는 SYVA 전용으로 개발된 제품입니다.



SYVA LOW는 두개의 K2 12인치 드라이버가 장착되어 강력하고 펀치감 있는 사운드를 만드는 역할을 합니다.


특히 L-ACOUSTICS의 서브우퍼들은 확장 대역폭을 필요로 하는 사운드 시스템을 보완하는 것이 특징입니다.


모든 서브 우퍼들은 높은 진폭 드라이버, 초저역 진동벽, 측면 이 벌어진 L-vents를 사용하여 포트 소음은 극단적 으로 축소되고 그 에너지와 출력은 최대화되었으며 성능 또한 최고 수준입니다.










Syva is a colinear system suited to medium throw applications. It is designed for professional sound reinforcement and high-end residential applications requiring high fidelity and SPL with minimum impact.


Syva features six 5" MF speakers providing usable bandwidth to 87 Hz and three 1.75" HF diaphragm compression drivers, loaded by DOSC waveguides in a J-shaped progressive curvature. This transducer arrangement produces an H/V 140° x 26° (+5/-21°) directivity pattern, optimized for ultra-wide horizontal coverage with extended throw capability.


Its companion Syva Low enclosure features two K2 12” drivers designed to provide low frequency contour and extended bandwidth down to 40 Hz. Syva Sub features one high-excursion 12” driver equipped with a KS28 woofer motor to further extend the bandwidth of the system in the sub frequency domain down to 27 Hz.


Syva can be wall- or pole-mounted, as well as flown, or used alone with its baseplate. Alternatively, Syva can be rapidly mounted on top of Syva Low or Syva Sub using the AutoConnect plug-and-play audio and physical link.

Description : IHigh power subwoofer, amplified by LA4X / LA8 / LA12X

Low frequency (-10 dB) :40 Hz ([SYVA LOW_100])

Maximum : 137 dB ([SYVA LOW_100])

Transducers : LF: 2 × 12"

Nominal impedance : LF 4 Ω

Connectors : IN SpeakON®, AutoConnect

Weight (net) : 29 kg / 64 lb

Cabinet : First grade Baltic beech and birch plywood

Finish : Fine grain dark grey brown Pantone 426C

IP : IP 55

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