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최초의 Line Array 시스템을 개발하였으며

우수한 제품 성능으로 국내 뿐만 아니라 전 세계적으로 많이 사용되는 프랑스 스피커 브랜드입니다.


Live monitor enclosure

- Pristine sound quality, L-Acoustics sonic signature

- SPL and LF resources at FOH position or control rooms

- Extended bandwidth in a compact format

- Wide conical directivity pattern for spatialization

- No minimum listening distance




X8 is the ideal live monitor, with the capacity to accutarely translate the sonic signature of a large sound system at FOH or in control rooms. The X8 boasts high SPL and extended LF resources in a compact format carrying the pristine L-Acoustics sonic signature. The point source wide, conical directivity pattern imparts excellent spatialization and no minimum listening distance, assuring a flawless listening experience when monitoring sound.


The X8 can also be rigged in a diverse array of configurations, including pole-mounted or wall- and ceiling- mounted or flown. Configurations are quick and easy, with the complete range of rigging accessories offered. Whether using X8 as a monitor, or as an integral part of a larger PA system, the X8 will be appreciated for its power, broad bandwidth and immaculate sound.


Top X8 clients include:

Adele World Tour 2016
Malthouse Theatre - Melbourne, AU

“The X8 gives me the full sound of a K1 stadium system, packaged into a small enclosure. I get all of the punch, resolution and detail needed to mix a live gig over personal monitors. It has become my first choice for monitoring.”

Sherif El Barbari,
Head of Application, L-ISA

Description Passive 2-way coaxial enclosure, controlled and amplified by LA4X / LA8
Usable bandwidth (-10 dB) 60 Hz - 20 kHz ([X8] preset)
Maximum SPL1 127 dB ([X8] preset)
Nominal directivity Axisymmetric100°
Monitoring angle2 35°
Transducers LF: 1 × 8", bass-reflex, laminar vents
HF: 1 × 1.5" neodymium compression driver
Nominal impedance 8 Ω
Connectors IN: SpeakON®
LINK: SpeakON®
Rigging and handling 1 × handle
DIN580-compatible M8 threaded insert
4 × M10 threaded inserts
35 mm pole socket
Weight (net) 12 kg / 26.5 lb
Cabinet First grade Baltic birch and beech plywood
Finish Dark grey brown PANTONE 426C
Pure white RAL 9010
Custom RAL code on special order
1- Peak level at 1 m under free field conditions using 10 dB crest factor pink noise with preset specified in brackets.
2- With regard to vertical.



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