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APEX(Audio Products of Excellence)사는 품질을 우선으로하는 이름 그 자체에 의미를 담고 있습니다. APEX사는 1990년 이후 프로오디오 시장을 시작으로 PE-133 싱글 디바이스에 그래픽EQ와 멀티 파라미터/놋치 필터를 내장한 제품을 시작, 파라그래픽EQ 역시 시장에 첫선을 보였습니다. APEX의 목표는 항상 음향의 고품질을 위한 혁신적인 디자인의 아날로그 및 디지털 제품개발에 있습니다. 풍부한 경험자와 젊은 엔지니어로 구성된 팀웍을 바탕으로 현 프로오디오 시장에서 오늘도 새로운 제품개발을 위해 노력하고 있습니다.

  • stand-alone warning and cut-off microprocessor-based controller
  • factory calibrated for accurate measurement
  • all settings may be made from the front panel and are password protected
  • average and peak RMS sound level logging over an user adjustable time
  • system tamper detection and logging
  • easy computer log read-out through standard serial port (without having to switch off the device)
  • two separated logic outputs for controlling external devices and mains power cut relays, all set / reset times adjustable
  • use in combination with Argos for the ultimate in sound level monitoring and management
  • 14-days sound level log (if registered every 15 minutes)
  • possibility to schedule different threshold per day and weekdays
  • optional remote large level display

Hera, will not only log the average and peak RMS sound level pressure over a time period, but Hera will also detect and log the attempts of system tampering (for example disconnection of the microphone). The logs can be easily consulted by any user directly from the front panel or retrieved on a computer and printed out.

Hera also offers two logic outputs that may be used to control external devices or mains cut-off if a certain threshold is being exceeded. This threshold value may be scheduled to allow for different sound levels at set times.

All settings are pin code protected and can easily be set from the devices’ front panel.

Apex Hera is delivered with a measurement microphone and this is factory calibrated for perfect accuracy.

Hera also offers an automatic calibration function for remote microphone distance compensation. This is imperative in most venues, since the measurement microphones should be placed out of reach.

Optionally you can connect the Apex Leto large deported display to the Hera so that the audience, band or DJ may have visual sight on the sound pressure levels at any time.

The Hera may be used together with the Apex Argos. The Argos will then be slaved onto the Hera's measurement and threshold.

Use the Hera together with the Apex Argos, they will be your neighbours dream team !


Input / Output
- Measurment microphone input
- Interconnection to Argos
- RS-232 for memory read-out from a computer
- Output to Leto deported display

- Range 55dB-120dB
- "A" filter accurancy 27Hz-20kHz: +/- 1,2dB

Relay Outputs
- Connections: GND, OUT1, OUT2, +12V
- Current limiting on each output
- Relay absence detection

- Dimensions 19 inch / 1 HU
- Supply voltage 90-230 Vac
- Shipping weight 2,35 kg