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CADAC은 라이브 음악 제작, 연극, 녹화 및 방송 환경에서 사용하는 사운드 믹싱 콘솔을 생산하고 있습니다. CADAC콘솔은 오페라의 유령, 라이온킹, 맘마미아 등 대형 뮤지컬에서 사용되고 있으며, 1960년대 후반부터 1980년대 중반에 이르기까지 전세계 여러 유명한 레코딩 스튜디오에 설치되었습니다. (Lansdowne Studios, Manor Studios, Wessex Studios, Scorpio Studios and-George Harrison's Friar Park Studio)


The CDC Four is an all new development from the team at CADAC, based on a proprietary DSP mix platform. This signals CADAC’s continued interest in new market sectors.

The desk performs equally well with recording as it does in its primary design sector the live market. This is achieved with an optional Firewire interface which allows recording and playback through the same cable. Input channels can be increased for the live sector with the optional MADI Stagebox giving another 32 inputs from stage.

The console features 16 fully motorised channel faders, high-resolution TFT colour display and fully recallable scene memory. Superior sound quality is achieved by using specially developed ultra-low distortion EQ filters, true analogue sounding compressors, 96kHz 24bit Delta Sigma AD/DA converters and fourth generation,32/40-bit floating point SHARC processors.

The wide dynamic range, low noise mic preamps feature premium input ICs with outstanding CMRR.

The Central Assignment Module (CAM) controls Equalisation, Group Assignment, VCA control, Effects, Auxiliary Sends and Dynamics. Each of these functions has a discrete control with no ‘doubling up’ or menu scrolling. This enables the desk to be operated as quickly as its analogue counterpart.

Another benefit is the Master Section which has its exclusive controls for Output EQ, and Dynamics.

The central 7-inch hi-resolution colour TFT display shows detailed views of all the channel parameters along with Scene control, effects modules, MIDI status, editing and routing control.

Rotary encoders can be interrogated by pushing the appropriate control and getting the value, mode or function displayed.

Complex buss routing, auxiliary pre/post assignment and detailed dynamics are shown in the display. This leaves more front panel space for quick access to real time functions.

The CDC Four has a plug in port which allows either the implementation of a Firewire recording/playback board or a MADI board for live stage to desk expansion.

The Firewire board will allow you to stream your input channels to your DAW (computer requires a working Firewire port) and record multiple channels of your choice. Recorded channels can then be played back through the desk into individual channels for adjustment or for system setting when the live artiste is not available.

The optional MADI interface and CDC-RACK is an ergonomically designed stage box solution to extend the input and output capability of the CDC FOUR. Using a low latency MADI interface to connect to the CDC FOUR, the stage box can be located virtually anywhere to give either local expansion or be located on the stage to act as a fully featured stage box.

Featuring up to 32 MIC/LINE input channels with remote controllable gain, signal present indication and Phantom Power. There are also up to 16 LINE outputs, making the unit perfect for many different applications.

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AD/DA Converters 24 bits
DSP Resolution 40-bit floating point
Sample Frequency 96kHz
Channels 24 (16 mono 8 stereo)
Auxiliaries mono (Switchable pre post fade in pairs)
Sub groups 4 mono, pannable to Main Stereo bus
Stereo effects returns 2
Input impedance 10k Ohm eletronically balanced
Nominal input level 0dBu
Max. input level +21dBu (balanced) + 10dBu (unblanced)
Max. output level +21dBu
Mic amp CMRR -86dB (100Hz to 1kHz)
Signal to noise -80dB at unity gain
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) < -127 dB 200ohm source impedance
Dynamic range 110dB, 20Hz to 20kHz unweighted
THD 0.02% @ 1 kHz, 10 dB gain
Frequency response 20Hz to 44kHz + 0.5/-1.5dB
Crosstalk -80 dB to -90 dB at 10 kHz
Phase response < = 5 deg @ 20 Hz
- -

Inputs (total) 25 -
Mic inputs with insert 16 3 pin female XLR
Stereo Input channel 8 1/4 inch jack socket
Talkback mic 1 3 pin female XLR
- - -
Busses (total) 27 -
Subgroups 4 -
Aux 8 -
Stereo Effects Bus (internal only) 2 -
Aux switchable Pre/Post fader 8 -
Master LR 2 -
AFL (stereo) 2 -
PFL (Mono) 1 -
- - -
Outputs 43 -
Subgroups 4 1/4 inch jack socket
Aux outputs 8 1/4 inch jack socket
Assignable Balanced Insert Send 8 1/4 inch jack socket
Master Stereo output with inserts 2 3 pin male XLR
Master Mono 1 3 pin male XLR
Stereo Monitor out (normalised mono) - 1/4 inch jack socket
Stereo Monitor out 2 -
Monitor Mono out 1 1/4 inch jack socket
Direct Output 16 1/4 inch jack socket
Stereo Headphones 1 1/4 inch jack socket
- - -
Digital Interface - Firewire Yes * -
Inputs to channels 16 -
Direct Outputs 16 -
Inputs to Stereo channels 16 -
Direct Outputs from Stereo Channels 16 -
Subgroup output 4 -
Aux Outputs 8 -
Master Stereo Output 2 -
Sample Frequency 96kHz -
Bit depth 24bit -
* Firewire is only available as an optional card fitted to the expansion slot