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CADAC은 라이브 음악 제작, 연극, 녹화 및 방송 환경에서 사용하는 사운드 믹싱 콘솔을 생산하고 있습니다. CADAC콘솔은 오페라의 유령, 라이온킹, 맘마미아 등 대형 뮤지컬에서 사용되고 있으며, 1960년대 후반부터 1980년대 중반에 이르기까지 전세계 여러 유명한 레코딩 스튜디오에 설치되었습니다. (Lansdowne Studios, Manor Studios, Wessex Studios, Scorpio Studios and-George Harrison's Friar Park Studio)


5.1 Recording desk with surround monitoring

Unique in the Cadac family, the C-Type uses a mic preamp, 3 band EQ design and fully-balanced buss system different from the rest of the Cadac family - the signal path is purely analogue, without the use of VCAs.


The buss structure is designed for multitrack recording and mixdown, with special provisions made for extensive monitoring and metering in 2.0, 4.0 and 5.1 surround. Each input allows for mid-side recording techniques, with each channel incorporating right group only phase reversal.Ideally suited for high quality orchestral or film music recording

  • Modular for easy serviceability
  • Fully Balanced bussing
  • 4 mono 2 stereo Auxs, 8 groups, Stereo master
  • Calibrated and switched resistive network input gain with trim
  • 57dB scale input metering
  • Hand tuned common mode rejection and balancing
  • Dual power supply system
  • Custom Frame sizes up to 63 slots each can be bussed together in multiples to construct up to 32, 48 and more (up to 200) input channel configurations.

  • 256 maximum
  • 4 mono 1 stereo foldback
Matrix outputs
  • 8
Sub groups
DC masters
Input  impedance
  • 10k Ohm electronically balanced
Nominal input level
  • 0dBu
Max. input level
  • +24dBu (balanced) + 10dBu (unbalanced)
Max. output level
  • +22dBu
  • -85dB (50Hz - 10kHz)
Signal to noise
  • -105dBu at unity gain
Dynamic range
  • 119dB, 20Hz to 20kHz unweighted
  • 0.009% @ 1kHz, 10dB gain, +4dBu
Frequency response
  • 5Hz to 65kHz ± 0dB
  • -80dB to -90dB at 10kHz
Phase response
  • 3º @ 20Hz

C-Type Dimensions
Depth A
  • 745mm
Height B
  • 400mm

Width C




  • 990mm
  • 1315mm


  • 435Kg (In flightcase as an example)